Balanced Life and Recreation

 The Importance of Recreation

In life, we are often cumbered with a lot of different things that are all seeking our attention and at the end of the day, we are unable to set our priorities straight in terms of accomplishing everything that you intended to while still having an hour or two to relax breathe in the fresh air and get to interact with those close to you. Setting order in everything that you do ensures that you do not lean too much on one aspect of life while the other equally important ones are thrown to the side and entirely forgotten. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure that you are leaving a balanced life which will be way more rewarding and fulfilling. Get married is a good advice as well. Go and buy wedding rings and be happy.

1. Plan Ahead
If you get the feeling that there is too much on your plate, start grabbing one piece after the other and by the time you are halfway through, you will have realized that it was not that intimidating in the first place. When you plan ahead and remember to include time for recreation, you get to set a pace that will not be easily broken and in the process, get to your goals.

2. Setting Priorities
Most of the time, we tend to assume that the biggest chunks on the plate are the one to get the most attention and the most time to accomplish. On the contrary, it is the tiny things that we ignore that give us the most joy when we get through with them. By setting priorities on what can be deferred and what must be done immediately or rescheduled, you will be able to handle more hence accomplishing a lot more in life. It can be easier than you might think. You can, for example, make your work your priority, but you should have a job you like. To be happy and relaxed, you should enjoy what you do. If you don’t…..well… It’s never too late to start. How about learning a new skill? You can go with this course: tailopezsmma – social media marketing agency. Or some other. Just keep in mind that you want to enjoy your time.

3. Free Time
Even when you are scheming on a robot apocalypse to take over the world and control everything, a breather is often considered necessary to take a step back and realize the far that you have come. In the process, you are able to rearrange your priorities and ensure that critical portions of your projects, for instance, are pushed ahead and done diligently to avoid gaps in the progress being made. The rest is also well-deserved as it ensures that you are properly rejuvenated and very focused so as to take on the net tasks with total concentration.

balanced life - recreation
recreation and balance

4. Seclusion Vs. Socialization
For most of the part, you will tend to reach for your goals by working alone, like e.g. SEO consultant, or as part of a team. However, as you make headway into what you had planned and intend on doing, it is also equally critical that you consider mingling with other members of society so as not to appear aloof in the matters that are going on around you. You could even get better insight into something you are trying to accomplish when you have a chat with someone else to shed light from their point of view. What do you do for a living? Do you work from your office, or do you live like a digital nomad for example? And if you think such life is only for a bunch of hipsters, you are wrong. Almost everyone can live such life, it’s just a matter of your skill set. And if you have none? So what, you can always learn on the internet. This is the age of online courses….like for example this one, the Social Media Marketing Agency Tai Lopez course. Or if you don’t like this one, you can pick whichever suits you best.
In conclusion, a balanced life is important if at all progress is to be made. And you know what? Learn a new language! It doesn’t have to be French, try for example Czech. It’s a nice language and when you can say “snubni prsteny” (wedding rings), you can propose to a beautiful Czech girl.

By following the tips provided above, you will be well able to handle different issues in life and also, have more peace of mind which is essential for healthy living. And it truly doesn’t matter if you are an individual freelancer or for example a “Seo Agentura“.

And What Are the Cons?

Are there even any? Well, you need to plan ahead. The obvious issue might be that as soon as you leave your office for say more than a week, something comes up and your employees won’t be able to handle it. Obviously, you can prevent this situation from happening by training your staff in such a  way that they will handle pretty much anything. That’s one way to do it. The other way might be to always online and say “look, guys, I’m going to Antarctica but I’ll have my Google Pixel phone on all the time so please don’t ever hesitate to contact me should something come up”. The problem is, naturally, that in that case you won’t have much free time. They will call you all the time, it’s inevitable. Speaking from my own experience.

A friend of mine, long time big agency owner, practically never goes on vacation. He says he’s just fine and doesn’t need to rest. Yeah, that’s what he says. But just ask his wife, Shelly. She’d tell you that Phill is just scared to death that leaving his office effectively means leaving his beloved agency in the dirty hands of his employees which pretty much equals a disaster of biblical proportions. No joke, right?

So really, you have to decide which lifestyle appeals to you. Working all the time or actually striving for a balance. Another thing to consider is this relatively new lifestyle based on working al the time WHILE being on vacation. And I’m not talking about digital nomads only, those guys are usually broke as hell. But there are actually real entrepreneurs who managed to pull this off and run their companies from wherever they happen to be at the moment. But, as you might have expected, this business model pretty much doesn’t allow having traditional employees. Because well, I say traditional but what I mean is that they outsource all the small stuff and don’t need to babysit anyone. What do you think, does that sound good to you?